WHEN & WHERE is a sustainable, innovative athleisure brand that brings the power back to busy, active women by providing them with smart, stylish and versatile outfit options that they can wear any time, any place, all throughout the day. 

Our multi-tasking capsule wardrobe solutions take you through all of your daily activities without the need for multiple outfit changes. Whether you are going to the gym or to a meeting, our clothing can handle your challenging schedule with ease, so you can feel in control, polished and put together regardless of where your day takes you. Choosing an outfit will be the easiest decision you make all day. #LiveinWW



Founder and CEO of WHEN & WHERE, Yuliya


WHEN & WHERE was created out of frustration when I found myself staring at my closet every morning in the hopes of finding an outfit that would take me through my day in style and comfort. Being a busy mom of 3 who is always on the go, I have been constantly challenged by what to put on in the morning to make me feel both elegant and motivated to fit in my daily workout, which always becomes harder as the day goes on. 

Running around all day often leaves us feeling stressed and tired, when we would rather feel polished and elegant. We don’t often have time to put the effort into selecting the multiple outfits and the choices we make don’t always reflect how we want to look. WHEN & WHERE easily solves this problem.


Founder, WHEN & WHERE 

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