Meet THE WOMAN OF THE MONTH: Juanina Kocher, Wellness Coach/Yoga Teacher and Founder of Flex + Flow Wellness.

Juanina and I met via Instagram and immediately connected. To our great surprise we are neighbors. We started our conversation based on what we do, our recently launched businesses and motherhood. We were sitting at a local coffee shop chatting and it seemed like we had known each other for years. This connection reminded me of my long-time idea, from even before I launched the brand, to feature the amazing women the universe has introduced to me who have told me their inspiring stories as entrepreneurs, mothers, professionals, and other roles women play, as women always wear many hats.

The Woman of the Month I have selected is Juanina Kocher, Wellness Coach/Yoga Teacher, and Founder of Flex and Flow Wellness.



Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do?
 My name is Juanina Kocher but I usually go by Nina for short. I'm a wife and mama of soon-to-be two living in Dobbs Ferry, NY. My work background is restaurant PR and special events but in 2020 (due to Covid) I made a shift into the wellness space! I am now a wellness coach and yoga teacher. I have my website Flex + Flow Wellness which offers coaching, recipes and my Flows membership. The membership includes a library of yoga flows, mediations, breathwork and mental exercises for $9.99 a month/$89 for the year with new content added monthly. I love yoga (of course), cooking, baking fresh bread, meals with friends, long, hot showers, sleeping past 6am (which is rare in my house) and family time. 


What’s your daily self-care routine?

Ohhhhh I love this question. I am a huge believer in morning and evening routines as a form of self-care. This is a suggestion I make to almost all of my clients. My morning routine includes having a huge glass of water with lemon or my Sakara Life beauty drops. I take my probiotic and vitamins and then have a green juice and coffee. I also write in my gratitude journal and do a quick 5 minute meditation. I almost always dry brush before I shower (if you haven't tried this I highly recommend it!). For the evening I usually wind down with my husband watching a show. I try to put my legs up for a bit and not scroll on my phone 30 minutes before bed (this does not always happen). I have my skincare routine and I try to be in bed by 10pm. Sleep is self-care. 

How staying active benefits you physically and mentally?

I have always been pretty active. Not in a hit the gym kinda way but I'm always moving. Staying active keeps you consistent with movement and consistency is key. Physically it can of course help you look your best but even more importantly it helps you feel your best. It can be such a release and helps to aid in everything from increased energy levels, blood flow, mental clarity, and digestion. 

What is one thing you would recommend women to do in order to stay healthy?

This is a tough one. There are so many obvious ones (move, drink plenty of water, sleep) so I am going to suggest one that is less obvious. Be sure you're eating lots of healthy fats. Think good quality oils, avocados, hummus, nuts, nut butters, fatty fish. Healthy fats are incredibly important for balancing hormones.  We have been programmed to cut out or limit fats. Eat the fats!


 What inspires you?

My son and alllll of the mamas out there. My son because he makes me want to always be my best self. Other moms because damn is momming hard. Especially in recent years where many of us have been working from home with our children with little to no help. I'm inspired by people who are out there just trying to do their best.  

Have you ever been so discouraged that you wanted to quit?

Of course! I have felt this way in about every facet of my life. Work, marriage, motherhood. I think we all have these moments. They should be recognized but not "lived in" if you know what I mean. Life goes on and most of us have so much to be grateful for. Shifting your perspective to "what can I learn from this? or "how can I be better?" instead of "I feel like a failure bc of xyz" is incredibly helpful. 

What are your favorite W&W pieces, and why do you love them?

Ohhhh! I love these sustainable leggings. They have a great fit, second-skin feel and compression. All the bralettes you let me borrow are gorgeous and unique. And that completer. So cozy! It's such a versatile piece that is so lightweight and great for throwing over your yoga clothes or dressing up for a night out. I also love the idea of sustainability which I think is very important, especially in response to the fast fashion. 


Juanina Kocher, Wellness Coach/Yoga Teacher and Founder of Flex + Flow Wellness




Thank you!!

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