Meet THE WOMAN OF THE MONTH:Kate Frederick, On Air Personality CT Biz Tour / Social Media Executive / Marketing

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s time of the year when we raise awareness about the importance of the well-being and how we respond to challenges that affect our thinking, mood and behavior. Over the course of life, we go through the stages that change our mental health, situations that can wear us out or overwhelm our ability to cope when we feel stuck. This is an unavoidable part of human nature to feel both inner struggles or external setback and we all handle it differently. But the most important thing here to remember is to believe in yourself, your ability to break though any glass ceiling to fulfill your dreams.

I am super excited to introduce you to this absolutely incredible and fascinating woman, Kate Frederick, who was introduced to me as a fitness model to help during my first fashion event. 


 Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do? 

I am a mom of two who is currently an on-air personality for CT Biz Tour and a Social Media Executive for multiple businesses and brands. 

What is your lifestyle?

I have a very busy and active lifestyle. I am constantly running around with my children and their sports and schooling along with my unconventional work schedule. Every day looks very different for me, some days I'm on camera and some days I am behind the camera. 

What’s your daily self-care routine?

Self-care is extremely important to me.  I am very into fitness and having a healthy calm lifestyle.  Everyday I try to wake up early, before anyone in the house is up.  I like to have my coffee and just reflect, do some social media work and do some sort of workout, it can be anything from going for a walk with my coffee in hand to doing some yoga and mediative breathing on the beach. I need that alone time to get myself together before the day begins so I can be a better more calm and centered me throughout the day. Working out is essential to a healthy lifestyle for me, I workout 7 days a week, I do either strength training and/or cardio.     


How staying active benefits you physically and mentally? 


Staying active on a daily basis' is extremely important to me. Physically I am able to do more with my children and to keep up with them .  I also have so much more energy from working out, I can get so much more done during the day and sleep better at night because of this.  Mentally staying active and working out has helped me tremendously.  I struggled for many years with anxiety and I had an eating disorder which stemmed from the anxiety and lack of control.  I had a horrible relationship with food and once I started to become very active and workout I began to love my body and want to fuel it to keep it healthy and keep me going.  Working out calms my anxiety, it keeps me grounded, lowers my stress levels by so much and has built up my confidence by 100 percent.     

Have you ever been so discouraged that you wanted to quit?

Yes, absolutely. I have days when I've been really down or physically tired and just felt like I wasn't seeing progress within my fitness goals.  But when that happens I know I need to rest my body and my mind.  It is so extremely important to listen to your body and do what your body needs. I now know not to push myself on those days. I just rest mentally and physically and start over the next day when I'm ready and feeling fresh and most of the time honestly I'm better once I gave myself that minute to rest and regroup.  

Top tips on how to be mentally healthy and happy? 

A few tips I would recommend are; do something physical every day, even if it is just going for a walk and listening to music, physical activity stimulates endorphins which are the body's natural pain relievers, and they can boost your mood naturally.  I also recommend taking time for yourself every day, meditating, stretching or just having at least 20 minutes alone with yourself. You  are your first priority. You cannot be a good mom, friend, wife, partner, employee, bossbabe, if you don't care for yourself first.  And lastly have confidence in yourself and love the body you were given, you only get one, so treat it well. Care about what you put in it and what you tell yourself every day. Always speak positively about yourself and to yourself.  

What are your favorite W&W pieces, and why do you love them?


OMG I love them all!! I love how they look and fit and how I feel wearing them.  They are all so versatile. I feel so sexy in them, there isn't any other brand that I feel sexy in and confident in.  And the fact that I can wear it to the gym or throw on some heels and I can go out in them makes them so unique. I Love the perfect bralette top, it’s extremely flattering and I love the see-through bottom, it gives it a sexy feminine feel. I also love, love  the Completer, I have never seen anything that you can literally style 5 different ways. It's so stylish, comfortable and so versatile all at the same time.


Kate Frederick, On Air Personality CT Biz Tour / Social Media Executive / Marketing


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