Does sustainability matter?

I want to share a little story from today's day at the Holiday Market in White Plains. One woman came over the booth and, out of curiosity,  started asking some questions about the collection. She became especially inquisitive when I started talking about our sustainability practices as she couldn’t believe that everything I had described was true. She was impressed to hear that our sustainability is an integral part of our initial design concept when we create our garments. As one of the examples is our Completer, that is designed based on zero waste concept, which means the patterns we create produce less fabric waste. In addition, this piece is versatile and can be worn 5 different ways which means you own 5 different garments in one. How incredible this is?! 

She was blown away as I explained that we carefully select our sustainable fabrics,  use local manufacturing, eliminate unnecessary tags and labels, use recyclable hangers, and ship in compostable packaging. I was so impressed and enormously pleased to hear that she was eager to learn more and even bought a pair of leggings because she loved the sustainability concept and how we follow through. 

What I want to point out is that no matter how unfamiliar you are with what it takes to create a sustainable garment, there are people who are ready to support your idea by investing in your product. At the end of the day, people care about the products they wear as much as how it looks on them, and who they buy it from. 

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